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How to Make A Mini-Grenade

Warning: You can seriusly hurt yourself or others with this
thing. Don't try it. If you do, its your fault, not any one
elses. This is for information only. This has been a


First of all, this mini-grenade is not really a mini-grenade.
It is a fragmenting, small, light weight, throwing explosive.
I have used it for hunting crabs in a lagoon at my
grandparent's house. It is quite effective.

What you need is this -
1 or more tin gun shell(s)
Enough black powder to fill it(them)
A hot glue gun
A suitable wick

Alright....Stick the wick in the shell. Pack in some black
powder. Fill it about 75% of the way. Fill the rest of the
shell up with tissue paper, or something like that. Put a
layer of hot glue over the tissues. Remeber that if the glue
touchs the powder, it probally will go off. Not good.

Wa-lah! You have yourself a nice throwing grenade like bomb.
I suggest after you throw it, you hide, because the shrapnel
sent flying from the tin could probaly kill you, if not blind
you. Another thing is, you probaly won't know you've been
hit. (The guy who told me how to make one of these suckers
was hit in the arm by a 1/4 inch scrab of tin, and he didn't
know it until 4 hours later when he took his shirt off.)

Instead of tin shells, you can use a CO2 cartridge (the kind
used by BB guns). They are easier to come buy, and you won't
get asked a lot of questions.

How To Make A Great Cherry Bomb

This is my first artical for BGR (that is if I am accepted.)
Of all the exlposive texts out there this is my personal favorite,
I discovered it myself and find it quite destructive, and you dont have
to worry about shrapnel flying everywhere either.

Heres what youll need:

-some ping pong balls
-ice pick
-potassium chlorate
-superfine german black alluminum powder
-some fuse
-nail polish

You dont really need the german black powder/potassium chlorate mix
but it makes a hell of a difference, but any blackpowder will work.
First poke a small hole in the ping pong ball with the ice pick. Then
slice the ball at its circumference almost completely open, but not
totally, using a razor blade.Load it with your choice of explosive
stuff (if you cant get your hands on superfine german black alluminum
powder.) Put some 6 to 9 inches of fuse in the hole and seal it up
with the nail polish. You now have a cherry bomb like none other.
Just dont lose any fingers...and have fun!

House hold weapons

DISCLAIMER- These plans are only for education to show how easy it is for children and people to get ahold of these weapons. Do not make them yourself and if you do I am NOT responsible for the consiquences. So enjoy the document I hope you learn something from it!

Modify a shotgun to an machine shotgun

If your shotgun takes clips just file down the stopping bit. You will need like a thirty round clip or else they run out FAST

Napalm Jelly

There are two ways

1. This way is easiest but not as effective. Take a coffy can and fill it with gas and than put styrophome in it until it is a thick goo. Ad a table sppon of modeling flock to sir in so colour is distinct and wont acidently be consumed as icing.

2. This way takes a week, but a small puddle burns forever! Get a pack of regular geletin. Instead of water put in turpentine, gas, mineral spirits (paint thinner) and any other chemicals you can finde.

Deadly gas bomb

get tow bear bottles fill one with bleach and one with nemonia and tape em together by the openings. (I like to use the little tiny apple juice bottles.

Explosive arrow


-===============o=> <-- Arrow head

/ ^ ^

Shaft ShotGun Primer

Super glue the primer to the arrow and than the arow head to that. If it hits the target hard enough it should make a small exlosion

Nail Bombs

There are many ways to make a nail bomb here are afew.

1. Take a soda bottle and attach nails to it with cly or plumbers puddy. Than fill the bottle with dry ice. Tan put water in the bottle trow and run! Doing it without the nails is non deadly noise making fun.

2. Buy some black powder from your local sporting goods store. take some hemp and soak it in WD40 and dip it in powder (makes the best whick) put a half a bottle of black powder in a beat bottle and fill the rest up with metal shards. (first stick in whick) make sure the whick is long enough. Light and run like youre bein chased by the cops (and u probably will be after this!)

Consealed knife.

1. Take four key rings and a nail or a utility knife blade. Weld Rings together and than weld on the blade. There ya go looks like a key chain


2. Take a piec of metal and fasion it into a V or -- and than put a poin on it (welding best) and than attack it to chain or leather as a necklace.



Missile and launcher

Take some washing machine outlet pipe and cut it in half so it look likke a U and than take a closed off piece opf pipe and attach it (gklue tape whatever) a little stopper in about 3 inches after the pipe. (make it stong enough to hold a hair-spray can. Fill the pipe with gas carasine u know n e thing flamable (you can use gas soaked rag in there as an easy snuff wic instead) light it and put the can in. Get back and take a BB/Pelet gun and shoot the bottom of the can and watch it fly!



/ \

Rocket launcher for hoby rockets


Here are the instructions for building a device no agent should be
without. From the mind of "Q" himself, a device for your evaluation.


[1]-(1) "Felt" Tip Pen
[2]-(1) "Ball" Point Pen
[3]-(1) High quality firecracker!
[4]-(1) 8 gram measure potassium parmagranite (optional)
[5]-(x) Scotch Tape
[6]-(1) Large Paper Clip
[7]-(2) Packages of matches
[8]-(1) Pair of scissors
[9]-(1) Length of Beige thread


[1]- Use thread to friction saw the felt tip pen in half at the point
where the cap "snaps" onto the pen. (about mid-section)
[2]- Remove the innerts of the felt tip pen, throw them away.
[3]- Pull the innerts out of a bic ball point pen and remove the ball
point assembly at the front of the pen.
[4]- Use scissors to widen the hole in the "felt" end of the pen. Insert
the ball assembly and make sure it is a tight fit. It should now
look as if the felt tip pen was construced as a ball point pen.
[5]- Cut off abrasive strips from the packs of matches. It is best if they
have not been used. Tape these to the top of the firecracker near
the fuse, the strips should run parallel to the outstreached fuse.
Wrap fuse over the top of one strip and tape down so fuse runs parallel
to abrasive strips.
[6]- Unbend paperclip and tape a match to the metal rod, the match should
be parallel to the rod and it should be taped tight using as little
tape as possible.
[7]- Insert the match head 1/5 of the way between the abrasive strips
and wrap tape around the assembly. It should now look like this.

______------_____ |(c)
(a)-Explosive/(b)-Fuse/(c)-Match attached to metal rod/(d)-Abrasives
The entire assembly should be thin enough to slip into the case of
the felt tip pen.
[8]- Using scissors drill a small hole in the "non-tip" end of the felt
tip pen case. Insert the assembly so the metal rod fits through the
hole in the end of the pen case.
[9]- The assembly will not quite fit properly. The firecracker will
protrude from the cut half of the felt tip case. Slip the removed
end of the case over the firecracker. (join the halfs together over
the firecracker in the center) and mount the cap of the felt tip pen
on the end of the metal rod. Glue any loose parts. You are done!

To Detonate...

Simply hit the cap (mounted at end of pen permanently) and throw
it at your target, or hand it to your target. My favourite is to say
"Think Fast" and throw them your felt tip pen. (make it a easy throw)
Your victim will catch it, and it will then explode. Cutting off many
small appendages if you coat the firecracker with potassium parmagranite.
Or killing your target if you use contact poison in place of the potassium.

Theory of operation...

Quite simple, by hitting the cap you are ramming the match head at
the end of the metal rod between the tight abrasive strips causing
combustion. Or the "Orgasm" effect. (the term Axis Agents use!) The
fire lights the fuse and from there, the pen is history! (pardon the pun)
After hitting the cap you have a average time limit of 2.5 seconds to
rid yourself of the pen. (plenty of time actually...)

How to make TNT

1. Take two beakers. In the first, prepare a solution of 76% sulfuric
acid, 23% nitric acid, and 1% water. In the other beaker, prepare
another solution of 57% nitric acid and 43% sulfuric acid (percentages
are on a weight ratio rather than volume).
2. Ten grams of the first solution are poured into an empty beaker and
placed in an ice bath.
3. Add ten grams of toluene, and stir for several minutes.
4. Remove this beaker from the ice bath and gently heat until it reaches
50 øC. The solution is stirred constantly while being heated.
5. Fifty additional grams of the acid, from the first beaker, are added
and the temperature is allowed to rise to 55 øC. This temperature is
held for the next ten minutes, and an oily liquid will begin to form
on the top of the acid.
6. After 10 or 12 minutes, the acid solution is returned to the ice bath,
and cooled to 45 øC. When reaching this temperature, the oily liquid
will sink and collect at the bottom of the beaker. At this point, the
remaining acid solution should have been drawn off, by using a syringe.
7. Fifty more grams of the first acid solution are added to the oily
liquid while the temperature is slowly being raised to 83 øC. After
this temperature is reached it is maintained for a full half hour.
8. At the end of this period, the solution is allowed to cool to 60 øC.,
and is held at this temperature for another full half hour. After this,
the acid is again drawn off, leaving once more only the oily liquid at
the bottom.
9. Thirty grams of sulfuric acid are added, while the oily liquid is
gently heated to 80 øC. All temperature increases must be accomplished
slowly and gently.
10. Once the desired temperature is reached, 30 grams of the second acid
solution are added, and the temperature is raised from 80 øC. to
104 øC., and is held for three hours.
11. After this three-hour period, the mixture is lowered to 100 øC., and is
held there for a half hour.
12. After this half hour, the oil is removed from the acid and washed with
boiling water.
13. After the washing with boiling water, wHi'e being stirred constantly,
the TNT will begin to solidify.
14. When the solidification has started, cold water is added to the beaker,
so that the TNT will form into pellets. Once this is done, you have a
good quality TNT.

Note: The temperatures used in the preparation of TNT are exact, and must
be used as such. Do not estimate or use approximations. Buy a good
centigrade thermometer.
eparation of TNT are exa

This IS just For knowledge. Must be Done under A EXPERT


Almost all modern explosives are a derivative of a nitric acid base.
Although fuming nitric acid (98 percent solution in water) is not an explosive
in itself, it is explosive when mixed with many other compounds. This process
of mixing a compound with nitric acid chemically is called the nitrating
principle. The best-known nitrating agent is glycerin, but many others can
be and are used. Mercury, sugar, cork, wheat germ, sawdust, starch, lard, and
indigo are all common nitrating agents and are used in modern industry. For
example when sawdustis nitrated, it becomes nitrocellulose, and is used in
smokeless powder. Mercury fulminate (nitrated mercury) is a very powerful and
effective detonator.

Nitroglycerin is a high explosive, with an incredibly unstable nature. It
can explode for the most minute reasons, such as a change of one or two degrees
in temperature, or a minor shock. Because of nitroglycerin's unstable nature,
I would suggest that only people with an extensive background training in both
chemistry and explosives try this procedure.


1. Fill a 75-milliliter beaker, to the 13-ml. level, with fuming red nitric
acid, of 98 percent concentration.

2. Place beaker in an ice bath and allow to cool below room temperature.

3. After it is cooled, add to it three times the amount of fuming sulfuric
acid (99 percent). In other words, add to the now-cool fuming nitric
acid 39 milliliters of fuming sulfuric acid. When mixing any acids,
always do it slowing and carefully to avoid splattering.

4. When the two are mixed, lower their temperature, by adding more ice to
the bath, to about 10 or 15 degrees Centegrade. This can be measured
by using a mercury-operated Centegrade thermometer.

5. When the acid solution has cooled to the desired temperature, it is
ready for the glycerin. The glyverin MUST BE ADDED IN SMALL AMOUNTS
USING A MEDICINE DROPPER. Glycerin is added, slowly and carefully,
until the entire surface of the acid is covered with it.

6. This is a dangerous point, since the nitration will take place as soon
as the glycerin is added. The nitration will produce heat, so the
solution MUST BE KEPT BELOW 30 DEGREES C. If the solution should go
above 30 degrees, the beaker should be taken out of the ice bath and
the solution should be carefully poured directly into the ice bath,
since this will prevent an explosion.

7. For about the first ten minutes of the nitration, the mixture should
be gently stirred. In a normal reaction, the nitroglycerin will form as
a layer ontop of the acid solution, while the sulfuric acid will absorb
the excess water.

8. After the nitration has taken place and the nitroglycerin has formed at
the top of the acid solution, the entire beaker should be transferred
very slowly and carefully to another beaker of water. When this is done,
the nitroglycerin will settle to the bottom, so that most of the acid
solution can be drained away.

9. After removing as much acid as possible without disturbing the nitro-
glycerin, remove the nitroglycerin with an eyedropper and place it in a
bicarbonate of soda (sodium bicarbonate) solution. The sodium
bicarbonate is an alkali and will neutralize much of the acid remaining.
This process should be repeated as many times as necessary using blue
litmus paper to check for the presence of acid. The remaining acid only
make the nitroglycerin more unstable than is normally is.

10. The final step is to remove the nitroglycerin from the bicarbonate.
This is done with an eyedropper, slowly and carefully. The usual test
to see if nitration has been successful is to place one drop of the
nitroglycerin on a metal plate and ignite it. If it is true nitro-
glycerin, it will burn with a clear bule flame. CAUTION: Nitroglycerin
is EXTREMELY sensitive to decomposition, heating, dropping, or jarring,
and may explode even if left undisturbed and cool. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE


From the book: The Poor Man's James
by Kurt Saxon
* The information contained in this
* book is perfectly legal to read and
* distribute. I accept no
* responsibility as to the actions of
* the users who read this book.

Another fun topic other then destroying
cars is protecting them and their
contents from pursuers. A diagram
would fit only a few of the vehicles
but this explantation should be under-
stood by anybody at all handy with cars
and trucks.
First a hole is drilled in the exhaust
manifold the size of the nozzle of a
paint or plant sprayer. When the
nozzle is welded in place a length of
gas line is affixed to the nozzlw tube
and fed into the driver's compartment.
The gas line is then attached to the
spary unit inside the driver's
compartment under the dash.
To use, the container is filled with
castor oil, bought at any local grug
store. Burned castor oil will blot out
everything on the road behind you. A
friend (of the author) tried this and
just put in a few short squirts to see
what it would do. The effect from his
exhaust pipe was so wild it looked like
a bomb had been dropped on the freeway.
He was so startled he allowed himself
to be pulled over by a cop and he almost
got locked up for it. He could have
gotten away if he had made a smokey
run for it.
it is the hot exhaust manifold which
turns the castor oil into smoke. Smoke
screens in war are made using this
simple principle. Crank case oil to be
thrown away is great for making smoke
screens. It could also highlight the
udea of recycling in your area.
On the road, the smoke not only
causes pursuers to slow down in order
to see, but it causes panic among the
other motorists on the road. This
makes the police stop the chase as the
trafic hazards are greater then your
capture would be to them.